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Meet Me IN All My Madness

Miroku!  *drools*

I've made a fansite about him before.  Of course, it was a fansite about him and Kagome, but still.  I'm a fan of him with Kagome or Sango, really.

Miroku, the hentai houshi.  Kagome, the time-travelling miko.  He is in love with a blushing tajiya.  She is in love with an arrogant hanyou... Who's in love with someone else.  He asked her to marry him.  She promised to stay by his side forever.

And yet...

We cannot help but feel that Kagome could not (Would not) play second fiddle to a dead clay pot.  I mean, Kikyou.  We cannot help but feel that she would lower herself to the level of a hanyou with an attitude who always ditches her in favor of his dead girlfriend, when there is one extremely hot (And perverted) guy there waiting, and perfectly willing, to make her his own.  In more ways than one.

That is why we are the few, the proud, the screaming insane.  We want to see Miroku and Kagome get together.  Or go at it like bunnies.  Whichever you prefer.

We don't believe in Sango and Inuyasha, and if we do, we shove them off to the side, either into each other's arms, or Inuyasha into Kikyou's and Sango into... Someone's.  Or no one's.  Who cares?  We shove them off and concentrate on something more interesting, understandable, and ravingly hilarious.  Kagome got the bad end of the stick playing second best to Kikyou.

Kagome and Miroku are a valid couple, or should be anyway, and we stand by our convictions.

There are no interruptions.

Sango and Inuyasha are off sucking face with someone else or each other.

And the only sound you hear is off us crazies pounding out Miroku/Kagome fanfics deep into the night.

*sighs happily*  Miroku!

Anyway, name's Kadeen.  nice to meet ya fellow Mir-kun lovers!

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