Zoni (ocelosh) wrote in belovedmiroku,

Um, hi!

Hiii! ^_^ I'm the new girl in town. I'm a die hard Inuyasha fan. Have been for about... three years now. While I'm only so-so on the manga, I'm an anime addict to the core. And I must say that Miroku and Sango are my absolute favorite pairing of all time. So, I'm so glad I could find a community like this on LJ! Home sweet home, I hope.

I'm actually a fanfiction writer. Not a very good one, and FFN really... really hates me so it screws up my formatting. But, if anyone's interested... a good few of my stories are Miroku-centric, so you can have a look if you'd like.

^_^ Glad to know there's other people out there who love Houshi-sama as much as I do!
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